Year 7 Transition

This page provides Parents and Students with downloads of key resources and information to help with the transition into Blackburn High School.



Use of Computers

Curriculum & Other Specific Information

Our school motto Ad Lucem Crescimus – Growing towards the light, is central to our core values. Our purpose is to engage the school community in a positive culture that embraces team work, innovation and excellence.

We empower our students to be active learners by developing their capacity to take control of their own learning, whether working independently or with others.

Our culture of high expectations encourages all students to be optimistic, creative problem solvers who embrace challenges and use these experiences to persevere, learn and thrive.

Our Vision

Blackburn High School aims to create a dynamic and inclusive community where all students grow together to become successful learners, confident and creative individuals and active and informed citizens.

School Values

Our students demonstrate a strong commitment to learning, good manners, and community awareness. But it is the values of good humour, caring for each other and fostering a spirit of tolerance that makes Blackburn High School a particularly special place to be.