Blackburn High School is committed to students wearing their school uniform with pride. We believe the uniform is a vital part of developing and maintaining our high standards. Wearing the school uniform correctly is important because it represents the pride and respect we have for the school and more importantly for ourselves. Attention to personal presentation develops habits of self-discipline and responsibility which are skills essential in a 21st Century education.

Students are expected to abide by the uniform rules set by School Council and outlined in the student diary (appendix attached). Any student not in the correct uniform requires a note from their parent explaining the reason for being out of uniform and the timeframe in which the problem will be corrected. 

Students out of uniform will then be issued with a uniform pass by their Mentor Teacher, which is then entered into the student’s Chronicle. The pass must be carried by the student at all times and explain exactly the reason for being out of uniform and the timeframe the pass is valid for. Generally, a pass can only be issued for one week before a further note is required. 

Purchasing the Uniform

The uniform can be purchased at Dobsons, 274 Doncaster Road, Balwyn North Vic 3104. Phone: (03) 9816 3366. Dobsons or online.