Two Blackburn students Emma and Viktoria  have had the distinction of being selected for  the prestigious CAASTRO Galaxy STEM Convention in Sydney in December this year.

STEM is combining learning in  Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths in a creative and innovative ways to problem solve.

The CAASTRO Galaxy Convention  is a 2-day interactive event focused on female innovation and entrepreneurship in the STEM space. Emma and Viktoria will be inspired by personal stories shared by emerging and leading entrepreneurs from a variety of STEM backgrounds who are creating global impact with their innovative companies. They will also participate in marketing and strategy workshops, gaining experience in vital aspects of running a business.

Emma and Viktoria will gain valuable insights into ideas like creating prosthetics with recycled waste,  running student-built experiments on the International Space Station, smart building management, better cancer treatments and much more.

The  innovators they will meet are creating significant impact with a broad range of projects that show the diversity of careers possible for STEM graduates. They will gain an understanding of how our entrepreneurs brought their ideas to the marketplace and have a chance to quiz the speakers on the challenges they faced, the strategies they employed and the lessons learned in their STEM start-up journey.

It will be a truly wonderful experience for Emma and Viktoria. They are to be congratulated on this achievement.

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