Following a brilliant performance at the  Model United Nations Assembly held at Parliament House of Victoria,  Year 11 students Joyce and Manini were selected  to compete at the National Model United Nations Conference held in Canberra. It was an experience of a lifetime.

Joyce and Manini’s considerable task was to represent Brazil in the model United Nations. They had to research and argue that country’s stance on 18 United Nations Resolutions, ranging from climate change to diplomacy in the South China Sea. They only had a month to prepare their “country’s” “positions” and prepare the arguments necessary to successfully represent Brazil’s interests.

A highlight of their participation in this National event was the opportunity to meet with  key diplomats at the Embassy of Brazil. They had the remarkable experience of having lengthy, face to face discussions  with diplomats who had worked at the Paris Climate Summit and UN Headquarters in New York.

Students from across the country competed in the beautiful, heritage-protected House of Representatives Chamber in Old Parliament House, Canberra and the standard was extremely high. The debates were adjudicated by some of Australia’s finest minds, including Nobel Laureate Brian Schmidt.

Joyce and Manini also rubbed shoulders with world renown academics and diplomats at a banquet held at the Australian National University.

This wonderful opportunity gave them an invaluable insight into international relations and politics as they worked  with like-minded students from across the country. The experience will enhance what is already a very bright future for Joyce and Manini.


At desk Busy chamber

Parliament House Panorama Embassy

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