When Students take on the staff at their lunchtime sports matches you can be assured they will draw a big crowd. Mostly because the students usually win!

The recent Basketball game was no exception. Students crowded into the gym to watch students from Years 9 – 12 take on the staff team made up of teachers across a wide variety of  learning areas including Sports and PE/ Health, Mathematics, Humanities, Music, Drama and Technology.  Year 11 students acted as referees for the hotly contested game. Unfortunately, the staff team lost  the match 28 to 15, however the contest was enjoyed by not only those involved in the game but also the several hundred students who packed the gym to watch. In the coming weeks students will also be taking on staff at Netball, Volleyball, Soccer & Dodgeball.

Played in the best of competitive spirit the fun competitions are a fine example of the excellent student/staff relationships at Blackburn High School.

Drama teacher getting ready to make a pass.

Staff v Students Basketball

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