The Blackburn High School Resource Centre gives our students access to a wide range  of quality resources to support and enrich their learning in both hard copy and digital formats.

The Resource Centre has an extensive modern hard copy collection as well as 3000 Fiction ebooks and 1500 non-fiction e resources. Students also have access to many subscription websites and databases for student research so they do not have to rely on the most common search engines.


We also have a  digital platform called Click View. This Curriculum Library for Secondary Schools comes with thousands of educational titles and videos to support the Australian Curriculum and improve learning outcomes.

The Curriculum Library includes 2,096  curriculum-relevant titles and features the exclusive ClickView Original Series for English, Mathematics, History and more.

ClickView offers thousands of educational videos designed to support the curriculum and engage students.

The Resource Centre is open before and after school and at lunchtimes for students to read, research, play educational games, do their homework,print work and seek assistance.