Information Evaluation Rubric … C.R.A.P. Test ….

Criterion Poor ….. 0 points Fair … 1 point Good ….. 3 points Excellent … 5 points
CurrencyWhen was it published?When was the last uodate? How recent do you need it to be? No date indicated, no updatesshown, information is out of date. Published date is shown, but not updated in a long time. Update is shown but isslightly out of date. Updates are shown, regular and current.
ReliabilityWhat kind of information is included? How complete is this information? Information is difficult to understand, and may includeerrors, with incomplete orinaccurate information. Has grammatical and spelling errors. Consistent line of thought,information is superficial. Easy to understand, hassome spelling and grammarerrors, information is current and accurate. No errors, clear concise, well written, information is current, accurate and relevant. An in-depth understanding of therelated issues shows the author’s familiarity with the subject. Links to orfrom are also reliable. Has a bibliography.Information can be verified from other sources.
AuthorityWho wrote the information? What are their credentials? Who is the publisher / sponsor? No author is identified No publisher Author is identified, but no credentials are given, no contactdetails given. The publisher is not reputable. Author is identified, contact details given, credentials arevalid. The publisher is identifiedand reputable. Author and publisher are clearlyidentified, respected and reliable.Able to confirm legitimacy of the authorand content.
PurposeWhy has the person or organisationcreated this resource? Is it fact, opinion or propaganda?Is it biased or stereotyped? Information is presented withemotive words, unbalanced views or questionable facts. Contains some questionablecontent with a few emotive words. The content is the opinion of theauthor with little support of facts. Facts are presented freefrom bias, information is thorough. Facts are presented free from bias,information is thorough, multipleviewpoints are given. Purpose is clearlyidentifiable as educational with an intended audience.


Personal Evaluation of the Information source

Criterion Poor… 0 Fair… 1 Good… 3 Excellent… 5
Relevancy : How much use will it be to me? The information has no relevancy forwhat I need to find out There is a little bit of information I can use. I will be able to use some of the information to answer my question. Most of the information I will be able to use to answer my question.
Appropriate : How much can I understand? All of the words and content are too hard for me to understand. There are a number of words I donʼt understand. There are only a few words andphrases I donʼt understand. I am able to understand all the content and words.