The school uniform is an important part of a Blackburn High School education. We believe the uniform is a vital part of developing and maintaining our high standards. Wearing the school uniform correctly is important because it represents the pride and respect we have for the school and more importantly for ourselves. Attention to personal presentation develops habits of self-discipline and responsibility which are skills essential in 21st-century education.


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Detailed Uniform Guide 

Dobsons Uniform Price List

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Skirt or dress
To be worn just above the knee.


Hair and accessories
Neat and tidy and tied back with black, dark green, or white ribbon/ties. Hair colouring to be in natural shades.


Piercings must be discreet and limited to small studs.


Must be minimal and unobtrusive. Students will be required to remove make-up that is judged to be conspicuous. Dark nail polish is not permitted.


Gloves and Scarfs
Blackburn regulation. Black to match scarf with academic uniform term 2 & 3 only.


Uniform Policy

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