We are currently transitioning to a new online learning management system which will replace Compass in 2021. The new learning management system, XUNO, will provide us with more functionality to support staff, parents and students. We will continue using Compass for the remainder of 2020, as we have throughout the year, but parents will use the new system from Monday 9th November to access 2021 course confirmations, forms and user agreements.  We will then use XUNO system from 2021 to replace Compass.

On Monday 9th November all parents, current and new, will have received an email from XUNO with their username and a link to set a password. 

Please do not delete this email.  It is not spam. It contains the username and password set link that parents will need to access their 2021 course confirmation, forms and user agreements. 

If you have any issues or need assistance with gaining access to XUNO, please contact the school on 03 8804 6464 and one of the House Administration members will be happy to assist you with this.

Key points for parents and students are: 

  • All parents to have received their XUNO login details on Monday 9th November.
  • New parents to Blackburn High School to receive a XUNO welcome email to login when their child enrols.
  • Current Year 7 – 11 students to receive an email from XUNO on Thursday 10th December with their username and a link to set their password. Students will be assisted by their mentor teacher to access XUNO during the mentor session on this day.
  • The 2021 Year 7 students will receive their XUNO welcome email to login on Friday 29th January as part of their orientation session on Day 1 of the 2021 school year.