Our students demonstrate a strong commitment to learning, good manners, and community awareness. But it is the values of good humour, caring for each other and fostering a spirit of tolerance that makes Blackburn High School a particularly special place to be. We value a strong code of conduct supported by an anti-harassment policy and believe our students are better prepared for learning when they are healthy, safe and happy.



Of oneself, others and of learning are displayed through honesty, integrity, consideration and the celebration of diversity in a safe and inclusive environment. We teach students to have due regard for the opinions, feelings, wishes and rights of others.

Pursuit of Excellence

Students are supported to reach their full potential by developing wide-ranging skills and capabilities, and to show growth academically, personally and socially. We value and celebrate effort and achievement. We motivate students to do their best, at whatever level that may be, by nurturing a culture of striving for excellence which in turn opens up the pathways to success.


Students are encouraged to become active and informed citizens through their participation at a local, national and global level. We teach students the skills and knowledge to understand and engage with the world they live in.

This is demonstrated through involvement in the rich opportunities within the school and wider communities. Students are supported to take increasing responsibility for their own learning, their relationships with others and their participation in all aspects of their school life.