Blackburn High School is committed to establishing a sense of family and belonging for every student. Each student is a member of a specific House comprising students from Years 7 to 12. Each House is divided into Mentor Groups which have a mix of students in Years 7 to 12.
Forging connections between students, teachers and families

Students new to the school will immediately feel a sense of belonging to their House and Mentor Group. They will get to know, and develop friendships with, a wide range of students from Years 7 to 12 as their  Mentor Group is multi – age.

Students from Years 7 – 12 make up the Mentor group providing the opportunity for:

  • students to relate to different age groups
  • assisting students’ social skills
  • cross age and peer group learning

The Mentor Groups gather together each morning for 20 minutes. Students take part in a variety of activities and learning experiences that include:

  • setting individual learning goals
  • regular silent reading to enhance literacy and concentration
  • well being and help seeking strategies
  • inter-house competitions
  • literacy and numeracy activities
  • general knowledge quizzes
  • Pathways – guidance for subject selections and careers
  • e-Smart – understanding the use of technology in society

Regular House and whole school assemblies enhance the sharing of knowledge and information, and  compliment the program. Senior students are carefully guided to assist and mentor the younger students.

Each Mentor Group has a Mentor Teacher who is the first point of call for parents and students. Students will, in most cases, remain in their Mentor Group with the same Mentor Teacher for their time at Blackburn High School. This allows the Mentor Teacher to support students, to know them well both as a person and a learner, and to establish strong links with the families of the students in their Mentor Group.

Each House has a House Leader, two Assistant House Leaders and an Administration Assistant to support the House teams.

The four Houses – Dunlop, Freeman, Hollows and Melba – are named after famous Australians from different fields of endeavour, who have demonstrated the values and skills we wish to develop in our students.

Dunlop House

Dunlop House is named after Sir Edward “Weary” Dunlop, a highly decorated medical doctor who demonstrated great courage and strength of character in the face of extreme adversity as a PoW during World War II.

Freeman House

Freeman House is named after Cathy Freeman, a champion Australian athlete who proved that it didn’t matter where you came from, or what your background was, if you had determination and the will to perform at your best.

Hollows House

Hollows House is named after Professor Fred Hollows, an outstanding pioneer of medical practices who selflessly dedicated his life to work with indigenous Australians and the people of third world countries.

Melba House

Melba House is named after Dame Nellie Melba, one of Australia’s most famous operatic stars who showed that being a woman from a small emerging country was no barrier to success.