At Blackburn High School, we believe a student learns best when the family and school are working in partnership with the common goal of achieving the best possible educational outcomes. To that end, our school has an online parent portal called Compass School Manager. This portal is designed to provide parents with secure, direct access to everything parents need to know about their child’s education.
Compass School Manager

Parents are given their own secure login to access Compass, allowing access to all kinds of helpful information and updates.

  • Access the student’s timetable – parents see what their student is doing, at any time of the school day, including instrumental lessons, sport and extra-curricular programs
  • See what assessment tasks have been set, when they are due and whether those tasks have been submitted or not completed
  • View attendance records, including late arrivals or early departures (parents are sent an SMS if the student has been marked absent from a class)
  • Enter approvals and give reasons for absences as well as advise of upcoming absences
  • Access all reports – a chronological history is kept for each student
  • Schedule Parent/Teacher conferences
  • Receive and approve parent consent forms
  • Pay school fees – instalment plans can be created
  • Receive alerts regarding outstanding work, excursion and important information specifically related to the student
  • Receive news items specifically tailored to the student