Newsletter – Issue 7

On behalf of the Blackburn High School community, congratulations and well done to the Year 12 graduating class of 2021 and all the best during the examination period. We are very proud of your fantastic achievement and thank you for enriching our school community over the past 6 years. I know that Mr Vezey, who sadly passed away earlier this year, would be very proud of you too.

At the farewell breakfast on Thursday 21st October, we celebrated and reminisced about the wonderful experiences and memories at Blackburn High School that have shaped the people that they have become and the values they have developed along the way that will be put in good stead for the next phase of their lives. We acknowledge the families, dedicated teachers, and Education Support staff, who encouraged and believed in them. Well done to the Year 12 student leaders, who have been exceptional ambassadors and outstanding role models and provided a crucial ‘sounding board’ on all aspects of school life

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