Newsletter – Issue 2

Congratulations to the students, staff and parents for a wonderful conclusion to Term 1 and what a term it has been.

Students are to be commended for their positive transition back to onsite learning and for their efforts and achievements throughout the term. I would also like to acknowledge the incredible work and dedication of the teachers and ES staff for supporting and encouraging our students.

The House events began with students adorned in their House colors in February where they participated the House Swimming Carnival with Freeman House winning. This was followed by the amazing student led House Performing Arts Festival, with sensational performances in The Blues Brothers, Shrek 2, The Addams Family and Into the Woods. Congratulations again to the students in Freeman House for their outstanding winning performances in Into the Woods. In March, the Year 7 students and teachers participated in the wonderful camp at Waratah Bay Beach Camp. The House Athletics Carnival was held today and we congratulate all the students for their participation. Well done to the students and staff in Hollows House for being awarded the 2021 winners.

Mrs Joanna Alexander


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