Year 9 student, Emily,  has  recently being awarded the  prestigious National Tour Scholarship by the Australian Girls Choir.  The scholarship is worth $3,500. Emily was awarded the scholarship on the basis of her outstanding application, her dedicaiton to her craft, dilligence and considerable talent.

To be selected for the Australian Girls’ Choir is indeed an achievement as the competiton for places is fierce  and the vocal talent is outstanding. Emily has been a member of the choir for seven years during which time she have performed a wide repertoire of vocal genres at many concerts and performances.

The Scholarship will provide  Emily  with the opportunity to tour nationally to  Brisbane, Gold Coast, Coffs Harbour, New-castle and Sydney. The tour duration is 2 weeks from July 6th to July 20th.

Emily loves to sing and act and has her sights set on performing initially in  local musical theatre companies  and then working her way up to pursuing a professional singing career.