Junior, Intermediate and Senior Stage Bands achieve Platinum

At the Victorian Schools Music Festival, held at Deakin Edge Auditorium at Federation Square, Blackburn High School’s Junior, Intermediate and Senior Stage Bands achieved exemplary results.
Our Music program delivers exceptional results

The Victorian Schools Music Festival is not a competition, but rather a festival where bands are judged against a musical standard instead of against each other. The awards are given out on the basis of the standard reached – Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum. At Platinum level, the highest possible standard, there is no compulsion on the judges to make any awards. These awards are only made if the performances are exceptional. All three Blackburn High School bands achieved Platinum awards.

This remarkable achievement is testament to the quality of our renowned music education program and the quality of the program’s outstanding teachers. Congratulations to Dave Palmer, Steve Sedergreen and Andy O’Connell for their leadership and direction of these fine young musicians.