Newsletter – Issue 5

During Term 4, we welcomed back all students and staff to onsite learning and teaching following the COVID lockdown. There was an understandable level of both excitement and anticipation on the return to school but, from all accounts, it has been a very smooth and positive transition.

I would like to congratulate the whole school community for the way it has navigated through the challenges of keeping safe and well throughout this COVID year. In particular, it has been transformative for our students who have shown an incredible level of determination, resilience, creativity and flexibility. We do acknowledge that some students have thrived in the remote and flexible environment, others have maintained their learning progress and some have found it difficult. We will use 2021 to recalibrate and get students back on track so that they feel safe, supported and are able to reconnect with their peers, teachers and their learning.

It has also been transformative for our dedicated teachers and education support staff, who have also shown an amazing level of determination to ensure that the students were supported throughout this disruptive year.

On behalf of the Blackburn High School Community, we congratulate the Year 12 Class of 2021 for achieving this significant milestone of completing 13 years of formal schooling during this extraordinary COVID year. We acknowledge the support of the teachers, friends, parents and family members in their journey.

Celebrations have had to be modified due to the strict nature of the COVID protocols. However, the students were formally recognised and celebrated at their House Assemblies and we did get an opportunity to conduct a mini-version of the ‘Guard of Honour’ and hold a luncheon, which occurred on Friday 30 October. Students thoroughly enjoyed themselves. Furthermore, they have completed the GAT and practice examinations and will shortly begin their formal VCAA examination period, all be it under strict COVID protocols.

Year 12 students are to be commended for their extraordinary strength, resolve and tenacity and we wish them well in all their future endeavours.

Mrs Joanna Alexander

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