Newsletter – Issue 3

Congratulations to the Blackburn High School community for the manner in which we have navigated through the challenging COVID-19 lockdown period. There was a real sense of excitement and anticipation for everyone when the students returned back to onsite learning and teaching recently. From all accounts, it was very smooth and positive and we are slowly getting back to some sense of normality.

We are not permitted to conduct school tours during the COVID -19 period and this has provided us with an opportunity to think outside of the square. Last week, we began filming for a virtual school tour that will be located on the school’s website shortly. The virtual tour is hosted by Pia and Atticus, two of our Year 8 students, and will include all key areas that would have been showcased and celebrated during the face to face school tours.

There have been a number of highlights throughout this term, including the new ways in which we can communicate and interact with each other. The invitation to the Blackburn High School Jazz Band to perform remotely, at the prestigious Essentially Ellington Festival in New York, provided the students with wonderful experience that they will cherish. The announcement that the Andrew’s Government has provided Blackburn High School with $1 million dollars towards the planning for a new STEM Centre was also very welcome.

We wish all students, their families and staff a safe and restful term break and look forward to the start of Term 3 on Monday 13th July 2020.

Mrs Joanna Alexander

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