First Robotics Competition

The First Robotics Competition is a highly acclaimed national event and this year it is being held at Blackburn High School. It will formally begin tomorrow, Saturday 2 July and conclude on Sunday 3 July.

Today, the Blackburn High School Robotics Team along with another 15 teams, had an opportunity to take their robots for a test run and undergo some fine tuning through the practice sessions.

Congratulations and well done to the students and the staff who have worked diligently to get their robot up and running in only 3 months. They have demonstrated outstanding creativity, problem solving skills, collaboration, flexibility, and a passion for STEM.

Students: Joey Armstrong, Angus Collins, Daniel Driver, James Elliot, Charlie Ford, Alec Garrison, Cameron Goddard, Ryan Hutchings, Ethan Lee, Dylan Mitchell, James Rowan, Nevan Samadder, Yamen Sayes, Jacob Senior, Zhenya Solomin, Mayurika Sundaravel, Alex Woodhouse, Mitchel Wu, Maggie Xu.

Staff: Ms Emma Love, Mr Brian Lam, Mr Tony Lahy, Mr Adrian Metheringham, Ms Jinhui Tang.