The process for students entering Blackburn High School at Year 7 differs from the process for students seeking a place in higher year levels. In both instances, we recommend that you attend a school tour to find out about our school community and campus facilities.
Year 7 enrolment process

If your child is in a State Primary School, you will be given a Year 6 to Year 7 Transitions: Application for Year 7 Placement form to complete at the beginning of Grade 6. On this form you are asked to list three secondary schools in order of preference. If you want your child to attend Blackburn High School, it is advisable to list the school as your first preference. This form is returned to your Primary School Transition Coordinator who will then forward the form to Blackburn High School.

If your child attends an independent primary school, you will need to contact our Transition Coordinator, Mrs Denise Strahan by email to request the appropriate enrolment forms. Completed forms need to be returned to Blackburn High School marked “Attention: Transition Coordinator”.

It is advisable to attend a school tour to learn about the educational opportunities at Blackburn before you make your decision.

Enrolment process for students in Years 8–12
  • Step 1: Attend a school tour
  • Step 2: Complete an Enrolment Enquiry Form
  • Step 3: An Assistant Principal will contact you to arrange an interview
  • Step 4: Attend the interview with your child
  • Step 5: You will be advised whether a place can be offered
School tours

Weekly school tours are held during the school term. Bookings are essential.

Link: School Tours