Understanding Islam was the topic of a balanced and informative talk given by Sharene Hassan the Director, Islamic Museum of Australia. Given the impact of TV reports linking Islam with terrorism and oppression it was important for students to be given an introduction to Islam from a different perspective.

Sharene Hassan commented that education was key to young people having a true understanding of  Islam and what it stands for instead of what they are presented with through the news. She spoke about the tenets of the Islamic faith, and the meaning of misunderstood terms such as jihad and sharia and the contribution Muslims have made to civilizations through out the ages, including Austraila.

Did you know that over 1000 modern words have Arabic, Persian and Turkish origins, or that coffee became a drink after a Turkish merchant Pasqua Rosee sold the first beans in London in 1650 or that the Maccassan( Indonesians) traded with Australian aborigines in 1700’s or that Arabic cameleers played a major role in the outback in the early 1800’s?



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