This project aims to encourage an interest in science and STEM among our younger people to become fascinated by our planet’s oceans, which cover two-thirds of its surface and help control its weather systems and the make-up of the atmosphere.

Categories Available

  • Experimental research

  • Working models

  • Inventions

  • Posters
  • Video Production
  • Creative Writing
  • Game

  • Computer Programs

  • Photography

STS provides a platform for your curiosities and ideas

If there is something that strikes you as worthwhile – perhaps something that you have seen or heard which you would like to have a closer look at or tell others about then Science Talent Search is for you: for those planning a career in one of the sciences or technological disciplines, for those interested in scientific hobbies, or for those concerned enough to present a point of view about science through the medium of poster, essay, video, photography, games or computer programs.