Connections is a specialist Year 9 program designed for students to connect with themselves, with others, and with youth issues of importance to them.
The program is designed to give students opportunities to explore who they are, who they want to be, to make connections between all their learning areas  and to look at the challenges and solutions to youth issues that affect them. Through rich, inquiry based learning tasks and collaborations  students realise they have the power to make positive changes, – in themselves, the way they learn and in the world around them.
Term One  The focus is on personal growth and development and engages students in developing personal and social capabilities.  It begins with a focus upon themselves before moving on to looking at their future and possible pathways.
Term Two  The  focus is on youth issues in the community and how students can develop the skills necessary to make a difference.  Using inquiry based learning strategies they  develop action plans and solutions to chosen issues.
Term  Three  The focus is on  a STEM ( Science Technology, Engineering and Maths)  approach which encourages students to see the connections between these subjects.  Looking specifically at the importance of Sustainability students development a wide range of skills and content knowledge across the four STEM learning areas
Term Four  The focus is on looking at the challenges in all the areas the students have studied throughout the year and how to develop solutions. Critical and creative thinking and learning to collaborate in groups is also a focus of this final term.
Throughout this program students will take part in a number of incursions and excursions to support their classroom learning.
At the conclusion of the program students will have a greater appreciation of themselves, their place in their community, how they can create their future and how they can make a  positive contribution to the world they live in.