We recognise the importance of ensuring our students are equipped with the skills to make valuable contributions to their chosen fields of endeavour. Our students undertake preliminary careers education in Years 7, 8 and 9. During the last weeks of Year 9, students are required to complete online training in order to prepare them for Work Experience in Year 10.
Careers Fast Track

Careers Fast Track is a privately-owned company employed to provide professional and individual career advice to students based upon their interests, as indicated by aptitude testing. This is normally a very expensive service but Blackburn High School has negotiated a lower rate for our students. Access to Career Fast Track’s services is available to all Year 10 students on a “user pays” basis.

Link: Careers Fast Track website
Work Experience

During the last week of Term 3, all Year 10 students are expected to undertake some form of Work Experience. This is as much about experiencing the world of work, and finding out first-hand the expectations of employers, as it is a career “try-out”. There are government and school policies governing Work Experience, which are designed to prevent the exploitation of students and to ensure their safely. Blackburn High School’s Work Experience policy is available by request.