The Sports Leadership elective at Year 10 is a multi-award winning program designed at Blackburn High School by staff member Mr Mark Pasquali. This program and Mr Pasquali have received national recognition for learning excellence and innovation in this area.

Students are introduced to the skills, values and practices of leadership through learning how to become a coach. Coaching requires considerable leadership acumen.

Students  also engage in practical and theoretical study of Fitness, Energy Systems and Goal Setting Education.

Students study with specialists in areas such as; Nutrition, Sports Psychology, Sports Massage, Personal Training, Sports Medicine, Disability Sports and Exercise Science.

Students attend excursions to the MCG, Etihad Stadium, Victorian Institute of Science and Exercise Research Australia

The final learning experience for the students is a 3-day sailing camp where students apply their leadership skills in a situation where they have responsibility for others’ safety.

Free Coaching Program for  Local Primary School Students
The Sports Leadership Program provides the opportunity for students to practice what they have learned about training methods and principles, by coaching local primary school students who register for the free Sports Leadership Program after school coaching program.  Each student is appointed the coach to a group of primary school students who want to learn or improve their skills in Hockey, Netball, Soccer. The coaching is conducted at Blackburn’s all weather, multi sport precinct on the school campus, in conjunction with the school’s highly experienced senior staff.

FREE after school coaching in Soccer, Hockey,

Netball for Primary School students in

Grades 3 and 4.

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Which sport would you like to enrol for?

Does your child suffer from any medical conditions that we need to be aware of?

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Do you give your child permission to undertake this program under the supervision of Blackburn high School.


All Sessions are from 4.00pm – 5.00pm


To be advised


Blackburn High School – 60 Springfield Rd Blackburn
Multi sport field  – Williams Rd Entry

What to bring:

Comfortable clothing, runners and water bottle. Mouthguards are required for hockey session only.
No sporting equipment is required.

Unsuitable weather:

In the event of inclement weather the program will be modified and conducted in the Blackburn High School gymnasium.