The essential aim of our Sport Program is to maximise opportunity for students to participate in sport and physical activity at school, at interschool level and in the wider community. The school places a strong emphasis on participation, with a wide range of interschool competitions as well as lunchtime activities being provided.
Sport Education

Strengths of the Sport Education program at Blackburn High School include:

  • Maximum student choice at each year level leading to enthusiastic participation
  • A safe, non-threatening teaching environment with emphasis on optimum participation for all
  • Development of student conceptual skills, decision-making, tactics and co-operation
  • Use of specialist coaching and links with community sporting organisations
  • An emphasis on sportsmanship – fair play, respect for rules, authority, team mates and opponents
  • A strong emphasis on team spirit
  • Annual  interschool sport competitions for all year levels (Years 7–12)
Structure of Sport Education

 Years 7–9, students complete one 70 minute lesson of timetabled sport per week. Students are provided with a choice of up to six sports per term.

At Years 7 and Year 8, traditional sports are offered such as –  Tennis, Volleyball, Cricket, Baseball, Softball, Soccer, AFL, Netball, Basketball, Table Tennis, Badminton & Hockey.  Students are able to compete in these sports against other schools at the end of the term.

At inter school level a student can participate in select entry sports such as; Lawn Bowls, Squash, Diving. Select entry is where Blackburn can nominate a student if they request to participate in a sporting competition not run by the education department.

Year 9, students may choose from semester-long units where the emphasis is on learning the  different forms of physical activity in the form of recreation.

Student electives are: GymFit, Leisure & Recreation, Indoor Sports, Mixed Games, Lifelong Health & Wellbeing, Self Defence and Dance.

Year 10, Sport Education is Integrated in to the physical education curriculum through specialist subjects such as Sport Leadership, Team Sports and Fitness & Weights.

Interschool sports

The School Sport Victoria program allows for school teams to compete against the other schools in the Whitehorse Division (Koonung SC, Box Hill HS, Box Hill Senior SC and East Doncaster SC). The winners of these competitions go through to compete in the Eastern Zone and then State Finals.

House Sporting Competitions

A great emphasis is placed on House Sporting Competitions at Blackburn High School. These competitions provide tradition, team spirit and an opportunity for House Captains to be involved in team organisation and leadership. They also increase the opportunities for sport participation among students.

The House Sporting Competitions currently held are:

  • Swimming: A whole-school swimming carnival is held in February each year. The program includes both traditional strokes and novelty event to increase student participation.
  • Track & Field: A whole-school athletics carnival is held in April each year. Some novelty events  are also included to increase participation and fun.
  • Cross Country: In May, the House Cross Country event is held. Students complete a three kilometre course around the school.
Lunchtime sports

Throughout the year, students are given the opportunity to form teams with friends from other classes/year levels to compete in lunchtime sport, e.g. soccer, volleyball, thunderhoc and basketball. These lunchtime activities are often co-ordinated, umpired and convened by Sport Leadership students.

Further information

For more information, please contact the Head of our Sport Department, Mr Scott Conte by email