The philosophy of the English Faculty is to work towards making students lifelong readers and competent writers who speak with conviction and passion on issues raised in texts and in society. Critical literacy and visual literacy are also developed through the study of English. The English Faculty is characterised by its innovative programs and staff are committed to developing our curriculum in a way that increases engagement but maintains rigour.

Innovations in English:

  • An engaging text list that examines challenging themes, and which includes classic and contemporary literature, diverse voices, and genres that range from independent film to poetry
  • Literature Circles (Years 7–8) reading program for advanced, mainstream and emerging readers, with texts selected by The Little Bookroom
  • Interschool debating program (Years 7–10)
  • A reading program which promotes texts to students to encourage student choice
  • A focus on explicitly teaching writing and grammar skills using context and explicit instruction


English Enrichment

Our Enrichment Program delivers opportunities to inspire students’ enjoyment of English, and typically includes:

  • Guest speakers, including YA authors, filmmakers and storytellers
  • Extension excursions, such as workshops at the Melbourne Writers Festival and Reading Matters
  • Year 9 Writers Workshops unit, with the celebrated Literary Night to showcase student writing
  • Literature excursions to live theatre, including the Melbourne Theatre Company
  • Corrective Reading Program for selected Year 7 students
  • Internal and external competitions to encourage students’ writing in different forms
  • ICAS competition (Year 8)
  • VCE revision lectures for exam preparation
  • Externally assessed VCE practice exams
  • Incursion performances of senior and VCE texts


Electives and Offerings:

  • BHS offers all VCE English options:
    • English
    • Literature
    • English Language
    • English as an Additional Language
  • Year 9 elective
    • English at The End of the World, focussed on dystopian fiction
  • Year 10 electives
    • Writers Workshop – to explicitly teach writing skills and support independent writers of all capabilities
    • Literature- to extend and deepen critical analysis of challenging texts


English as an Additional Language (EAL)

Our EAL program grows each year and is delivered by our EAL trained teachers to support students’ language development across reading, writing a range of text types, and speaking in English.

  • EAL support classes from Year 7-9
  • An extensive EAL program at Year 10, including core and support classes
  • Separate and small EAL classes for VCE


Further information

For more information, please contact the English Learning Area Leader Madeleine Taylor by email –