Our Year 9 program is unique, with students spending one full day per week  participating in our Global Learning Program. Explicit development of the skills of intercultural understanding as a key attribute of 21st century learners is delivered through a broad enquiry-based Year 9 curriculum incorporating the use of information and communications technology (ICT) to access the global community.
Creating a rich, research-based learning environment

Students have the opportunity to pursue research of interest to them, exploring their chosen topic at a personal, local, state, national and international level. The Global Learning Program teaches students to collaborate, lead, communicate, coordinate and cooperate skills which are vital in ensuring our students have global competencies. The program responds to individual student learning needs and communicates high expectations.

The Global Learning Program is designed to embed intercultural understanding as an interdisciplinary skill for all of our students. This intercultural understanding can be defined as:

  • Awareness/Understanding/sensitivity/tolerance of their own and other cultures and their differences
  • The ability to connect globally
  • Breakdown preconceptions and stereotypes
  • Importance of cultural diversity in creating our nation
  • Difference within cultures – e.g. religion
  • Ability to find compromise and resolve conflicts
  • Enrichment of life’s experiences