Expanding students’ minds in creative and innovative ways

Students are taught questioning strategies, problem-solving skillls, decision-making, and the language of thinking reflectively, critically and creatively. Our approach is enquiry-based learning through the explicit teaching of thinking skills to guide our students’ intellectual development around a central, overarching question in all four core subject areas – English, Science, Maths and Humanities.

Through the following overarching questions students investigate, explore and challenge the ideas and actions of writers, philosophers, social thinkers, mathematicians and scientists.

  • Year 7: How did thinkers of the ancient world make sense of the world?
  • Year 8: What does it mean to be human?
  • Year 9: What is the relationship between ethics, morality and citizenship?

Students will have the opportunity to access an early VCE pathway:

  • Year 10: Students may undertake Units 1 and 2 VCE subject/s. This will depend upon meeting the academic requirements and subject availability.
  • Year 11  Students may undertake Units 3 and 4 VCE subject/s. This will depend upon meeting the academic requirements and subject availability

 Examination and Interview

Students sit for an Edutest examination held at Blackburn High School. If the student’s results match the criteria for selection for the program they will then be invited to attend an interview with the Principal and Senior Staff.

A place is then offered based on the  results of the examination and interview.


2018 Information Night

Thursday 26 April, 2018 – 7pm – 8pm 

Staff and students will give an overview of the program and answer any questions you may have. Staff and students will also be available at Open Night, Wednesday 9 May, 6pm – 8pm to further discuss the program,display their work and answer any queries.


2018 Examination for students entering Year 7 in 2019 

Test date: Saturday 19 May, 2018

Time: 8.30am for 9.00 Examination start.  Finish – 12.00 noon (includes reading time and break)

Venue: Blackburn High School, 60 Springfield Road, Blackburn.

Please meet at the Main Office, at Springfield Road entrance at 8.30am

Closing Date for Applications Friday 11 May 

Fee $90


Description of the Test

The Ability tests

1. Verbal Reasoning 30 minutes long Measures the ability to think and reason using words and language. This includes vocabulary, word relationships, classification and deduction.

2. Numerical Reasoning 30 minutes long Measures the ability to think and reason using numbers. This includes series, matrices, arithmetical reasoning and deduction.

The Achievement tests

3. Reading Comprehension 30 minutes long Measures the capacity to read and interpret meaning from written passages, as well as correct, complete and punctuate sentences.

4. Mathematics 30 minutes long Measures year-level appropriate mathematical knowledge, including items tapping numbers, measurement, algebra, space and data.

5. Written Expression 15 minutes long This is a writing test that assesses the ability to convey ideas clearly in written form. Any of the following modes of writing may be assessed: creative, descriptive, narrative, persuasive, expository or informative. Students will be assessed on a range of criteria, including: Relevance to the topic, accurate spelling, punctuation and grammar, proper sentence structure and paragraphing.


For further information please contact:

Mrs Denise Strahan

High Achievers’ Program Administrative Assistant

Phone 8804 6408

Email: strahan.denise.c@edumail.vic.gov.au 







Further information

For enquiries about the application process, please contact our High Achievers’ Program Administrative Assistant, Denise Strahan, by phone (03) 8804 6408 or email HighAchieversProgram@blackburnhs.vic.edu.au