Information & Communication Technology is vital to our every day lives and the primary importance of ICT lies in its power to provide a wealth of instantly-accessed learning resources for our students and staff.


When students start at Blackburn High School they are expected to have a suitable device they can use to enhance their learning as part of the Bring Your Own Designated Device (BYODD) Program or by Bringing Your Own Alternate Device (BYOAD)




The current Designated devices for use at Blackburn High School are:


Lenovo 11e Yoga

The 11e Yoga is a 11.6” convertible notebook that can be used as a traditional laptop or as a tablet, and comes with a built-in pen for use on the touch screen. This device is suitable for use for students in Year 7 to Year 9 and is suited for general web usage, Microsoft Teams and the Microsoft Office suite.


Lenovo L13 Yoga

The L13 Yoga is a 13.3” convertible notebook that can be used as a traditional laptop or as a tablet, and comes with a built-in pen for use on the touch screen. It is a more general-purpose device that is suitable for use from Year 7 through to Year 12 and is capable of all the functionality of the 11e Yoga as well as being more suited for student learning in the later years.


Any devices purchased as part of the BYODD program are purchased through LWT Systems and not through the school directly come with a number of benefits that we are unable to provide to BYOAD devices including:

  • Initial Imaging and setup of device for student usage.
  • Limited Diagnostic support for any software or hardware issues as they arise.
  • Re-imaging the device with a known working software suite.
  • Facilitating diagnosing and logging warranty claims.
  • Providing advice to families about what needs replacing for any insurance claims.


Devices purchased through LWT will also be delivered directly to the school so that we can have them setup for your young person’s use as soon as practical.



If families choose to go with an alternate device other than the two preferred options, it must meet the minimum specifications listed below to be usable within the school and to be connected to the school’s wireless network.

Please Note that any Lenovo 11e Yoga and Lenovo L13 Yoga’s purchased through alternate vendors to Learning with Technologies will be considered as BYOAD devices and will not have the same support as BYODD devices.


Minimum Specifications:
  • At least a dual core processor
  • At least 4GB of memory
  • Internal Hard drive of at least 128GB of storage.
  • Screen size must be above 10” and no more than 16” in size.
  • Device must be able to hold a charge for the entire school day. The school does not offer or provide charging services.
  • Protective cover and carry case.
  • Run Windows 10 or Apple OSX (Not Windows 10s)

It is recommended that any BYOAD devices have a suitable warranty period to cover their expected life within the school as well as having insurance to cover accidental damage.


For BYOAD devices, the school is:

  • Able to provide access to the school’s wireless network
  • Able to setup access to the school’s printers from the device
  • Able to provide instructions and support to install the Microsoft Office Suite
  • Unable to provide any imaging services
  • Unable to provide support for any hardware or software issues that arise

Devices that are already in use within the school as part of the previous Microsoft Surface BYODD program will continue to be supported as per normal for the expected 3 year life of the devices. After their expected 3 year life is over, any Microsoft Surface devices will revert to being treated as a standard BYOAD device.

Further information

Please contact the Blackburn High School IT Department if you would like any further information about our BYOD Device Program.

Phone: (03) 8804 6464

Email :