Information Communication Technology (ICT) is vital to our everyday lives. The primary importance of ICT lies in its power to provide a wealth of instantly-accessed learning resources for our students and teachers.


The Blackburn High School Bring Your Own Designated Device program is currently predominantly based around the provision and support of Microsoft Surface products pictured below:


When students start at Blackburn High School they are expected to have a Windows 10 device from the Bring Your Own Designated Device List. Any devices purchased from the Supported Devices age are purchased through LWT Systems, and not from the School directly. Please see Information Booklet below. All school software is supplied free of charge for these devices.


Should families wish to utilize alternate devices within the College, the IT Department is able to assist with printing, wireless access and access to the Microsoft Office Suite, but no hardware or software assistance will be provided for these devices.

Our Bring Your Own Designated Device Program provides:

  • Learning flexibility and access to resources as all students are automatically connected to the whole Blackburn High School network
  • Seamless access to all these resources from home and at school
  • Access to software programs, including Microsoft Office 365 and the Adobe Suite

Please note these services are available for devices on the School Designated Device List only. The one caveat to this is the newly released Surface Pro X which we are unable to deploy the School software image to and will need to be treated as per any other non Microsoft device.

Devices not on the School Designated List will be supported with internet access and printing however parents will need to supply and manage their own software and settings.

Imaging Schedule
  • Book online (Click here)
  • Dates for imaging your device
    • From Wednesday 22nd January 2020 – Friday 24th January 2020
    • From Wednesday 29th January 2020 – Friday 31st January 2020
Further information

Please contact the Blackburn High School IT Department on the below email address if you would like any further information about our BYOD Device Program.

Email :