Newsletter – Issue 5

During Term 4, we welcomed back all students and staff to onsite learning and teaching following the COVID lockdown. There was an understandable level of both excitement and anticipation on the return to school but, from all accounts, it has been a very smooth and positive transition.

Issue 4 – 21st September 2020

Outstanding Effort with Remote Learning & Teaching On behalf the Assistant Principals Ms Gachon and Mr Geoff Vezey, and myself, I would like to congratulate and thank the Blackburn High School community for working together and navigating through all the challenges presented by this disrupted remote and flexible learning period. The health, wellbeing and academic progress of our students has been, and will always continue to be, at the forefront of the School’s decision making. We would like to acknowledge our wonderful students for the patience, resilience and positive manner in which they continue to adapt to remote learning. In addition, I would like to thank our dedicated and committed teachers and education support staff who have steadfastly supported the students. Finally, well done also, to our fantastic parents and carers who have been important partners in this process.

Newsletter – Issue 3

Congratulations to the Blackburn High School community for the manner in which we have navigated through the challenging COVID-19 lockdown period. There was a real sense of excitement and anticipation for everyone when the students returned back to onsite learning and teaching recently. From all accounts, it was very smooth and positive and we are slowly getting back to some sense of normality.

Newsletter – Issue 2

I warmly welcome back the students, staff and parents from the nine weeks of lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic and congratulate all of our students for their effort and hard work throughout this period.

We still need to maintain our vigilance to ensure the wellbeing and safety of our school community, as directed by the Chief Health Officer and Education Department. Please continue to read the weekly Newsfeeds, as they contain important information and updates.

Newsletter – Issue 1

The Principal Team warmly welcomed the students, teachers and education support staff at the two school assemblies conducted on Thursday, 30th January. We have had a very positive and smooth start to the 2020 school year at Blackburn High School and acknowledge the students who have been fantastic during the mentor sessions, assemblies and classes.