Research shows breakfast is an important meal of the day for students. It assists students’ physical, mental and emotional
development and they can concentrate for longer and are less easily distracted.  It is estimated that 40% of students in Australia skip having breakfast however at Blackburn students can be part of the Breakfast Club which meets weekly to start the day with a free, tasty, nutritious breakfast in the company of their fellow students and staff.

It is a wonderful way to enjoy a fun, communal, happy start to the day.

The Breakfast Club is supported by IGA  and Bakers Delight from Blackburn North Shopping Centre.  The students and staff at Blackburn High School sincerely appreciate the  generous and  civic minded contributions from these businesses  to our school community.

An excellent example of a productive collaboration between the business  community and the school working together in the best interests of the healthy development of our students.


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