Generations in Jazz, held annually in Mt Gambia, is a the premier Jazz Festival for Australian music students. this year 4700 student musicians from around Australia performed more than 800 musical pieces throughout the weekend.

305 stage bands and vocal ensembles representing 125 schools arrived in  Mount Gambier from every state and territory.

“Every year it just gets better and better, and this year was just incredible,” declared James Morrison, who is also the GIJ chairman and artistic director.

Division One is the highest level of performance and this year  Blackburn High School’s Stage Band was judged the best of the best. This is an exceptional achievement given the quality of the competition from state and private schools around the country.

Blackburn was also judged to have the Best Rhythm Section Award 

Benji Sametz and James Heaney were identified as exceptional soloists and selected as two of the best 6 performers in the whole competition

Alistair Hardie won the Golden Mouthpiece Award for Best Lead Trumpet Player Award.

Ollie Shute, Benji Sametz, Ardian Strybosch, Suzanna Hill, Alistair Hardie, James Heaney and Sam Ondaatje were selected as the best players for the Super Band. The Super Band is a band consisting of the best instrumentalists out of the 4700 students.

 Emily Gittins and Tom McCracken were awarded the Blanchard Award given to students who show exceptional potential and who may need assistance to continue their studies



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