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Our school motto Ad Lucem Crescimus – Growing towards the light, is central to our core values. Our purpose is to engage the school community in a positive culture that embraces team work, innovation and excellence. We empower our students to be active learners by developing their capacity to take control of their own learning, whether working independently or with others.


Our School

Our school motto Ad Lucem Crescimus – Growing towards the light, is central to our core values. Our purpose is to engage the school community in a positive culture that embraces team work, innovation and excellence. We empower our students to be active learners by developing their capacity to take control of their own learning, whether working independently or with others.

Mentor Model of Learning

Blackburn High School is committed to establishing a sense of family and belonging for every student. Each student is a member of a specific House and each House is divided into Mentor Groups. Mentor Groups are a mix of students from Years 7 to 12, allowing connections to develop between students and Mentor Teachers. Through these connections, students new to the school will quickly develop friendships with students from all year levels.

Mentor Groups

  • Allow students to relate to others in different age groups
  • Assist in developing student social skills
  • Facilitate cross age and peer group learning

Mentor Groups meet each morning for 20 minutes where students take part in a variety of activities and learning experiences that include:

  • Dissemination of important school information through the daily messages
  • Setting individual learning goals
  • Regular silent reading to enhance literacy and concentration
  • Well-being and help seeking strategies
  • Inter-house competitions
  • Literacy and numeracy activities
  • General knowledge quizzes
  • Pathways – guidance for subject selections and careers
  • e-Smart – understanding the use of technology in society

The Mentor Teacher is the first point of call for parents and students with any questions or concerns. Students will, in most cases, remain with the same Mentor Teacher for their time at Blackburn High School. This allows the Mentor Teacher to get to know their students well as both a people and as learners, to establish strong links with each student’s family and to provide valuable support to the students in their Group.


Blackburn High School has a smart, distinctive, compulsory school uniform, which forms an important part of the overall Blackburn High School education. Wearing the school uniform correctly demonstrates the pride and respect we have for our school and, more importantly, for ourselves. Attention to personal presentation develops habits of self-discipline and responsibility which are skills essential in a 21st Century education.

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School Facilities and Map

Blackburn High School is situated on 12 hectares of land. The school’s facilities include flexible learning spaces, a modern Music Centre, Food Technology Centre, Student Canteen, Gymnasium/Auditorium, Fitness training room, Science laboratories, 3D printing laboratory, Resource Centre, First Aid and Student Welfare facilities, sports fields and the newly constructed Covered Sports grounds.

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Xuno School Management System

Blackburn High School uses the XUNO school management platform for all of its school communications. XUNO allows parents to readily track their child’s school work, attendance, school reports and overall progress, and provides easy communication with school staff.

When you join the Blackburn High School community you will receive your own log-in details to access this information and stay in touch 24/7 with all aspects of your child’s schooling.

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School Council & Annual Report

Blackburn High School Council is responsible for setting the policy of the school, and managing the budget. The school is accountable to the Council for its performance in terms of the goals set in its Strategic Plan. There are four sub-committees: Building and Grounds, Education and Policy, Finance, and Publicity and Promotion.

Building and Grounds

Sets policy in relation to building and grounds development and oversees implementation of major projects. Responsible for Working Bee organisation.

Education and Policy

Develops all policies. Oversees the Triennial Review, the development of the Strategic Plan, the Annual Report and the Annual Implementation Plan. Deals with issues relating directly to learning and curriculum.


Monitors that the school’s spending is directed towards the school’s priorities. Sets and monitors the Annual Budget. Oversees fee and levy setting and whole-school fund raising.

Publicity and Promotion

Oversees the way the school presents itself to the public. This includes Year 6 to Year 7 transition activities, relationships with the community and particularly with primary schools. Oversees advertising.

Further information

For more information or if you want to get involved in the School Council, please contact The Principal, Mrs Joanna Alexander or our School Council President Mr Geoff Hugo: blackburn.hs@education.vic.gov.au

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Parent Groups

Friends of Music (FoM)

This is a long standing support group comprised mainly of parents who are keen to support their children’s involvement in the school’s music program. They do this in two ways – by fundraising, and by running “Front-of-House” at concerts and performances. Most of the fundraising is directed towards the purchase of expensive musical instruments which are then leased to students. In this way the school is able to support ensembles which need expensive instruments beyond the reach of almost any family.

Friends of Music can be contacted by sending an email to the school’s email  blackburn.hs@education.vic.gov.au and requesting it be forwarded.

Chaplaincy Committee

The chaplain is employed by the Australian Council of Christian Education in State Schools (ACCESS Ministries). ACCESS agrees to place a chaplain in a school provided that the school has a committee that fundraises to help meet the annual “quota”, a dollar amount that approximates the chaplain’s salary. This committee is the Chaplaincy Committee that has been in existence in this school ever since we first employed a chaplain in 1972.

The Chaplaincy Committee is comprised of parents, teachers and members of the local community who are committed to supporting the ongoing work of the chaplain, not only through fundraising but providing practical and spiritual support. They also support the work of the wider school with several regular projects undertaken during the year.

The Chaplaincy Committee can be contacted by sending an email to the school’s email blackburn.hs@education.vic.gov.au

Green Team

Who are the Green Team?

We are a group of passionate students and teachers dedicated to creating a more sustainable school. We aim to educate the Blackburn community on the impacts of climate change and how to implement environmentally conscious practices. We invite students from any year level to join us, regardless of any current knowledge about environment and climate issues!

When and where meet

We meet in RC5 (near the Resource Centre) every Thursday lunchtime. We welcome anyone and everyone.

Our recent achievements

  • We installed two new compost bins in the school yard to reduce food waste
  • We created a school-wide micro-recycling program for pens, batteries and bread tags
  • We attended multiple virtual climate conferences in 2020 and 2021 to learn about climate change and what we can do to help
  • We achieved our first star in the Resource Smart Schools program, and are on our way to achieve our second
  • We have promoted leadership opportunities for younger students and have provided opportunities for students to create and lead programs and activities throughout the school

Our goals for this year

  • To create an environmentally responsible school in the areas of waste, water use, electricity use and biodiversity
  • Educate the school community on how to implement sustainable practices in our community
  • Continue to expand the micro recycling program and composting systems
  • Aim to achieve our next star in the RSS program by reducing school waste

Alumni Register

Blackburn High School does not have an active Alumni program but may, from time to time, reach out to its alumni base when organizing special events. If you would like to be listed on our Alumni register, please complete the registration form below.

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