Blackburn conducts a highly sought-after High Achievers’ Program (HAP) for very able students. It is not simply an acceleration program, it is a different way of teaching and learning that enables students to expand their minds in creative and innovative ways. This exceptional program aims to develop lifelong learners who are enthusiastic, adaptable, creative, collaborative, responsive, self-directed, resilient, capable of managing networks, and able to work in hierarchical environments.

High Achievers’ Program Key Dates

Applications for the High Achievers’ Program selection tests will be open shortly

For further information please contact:

Mrs Denise Strahan

High Achievers’ Program Administrative Assistant

Phone 8804 6408




Test date:

The date of the 2016 High Achievers’s test will be advised shortly.

Expanding students’ minds in creative and innovative ways

Students are taught questioning strategies, problem-solving skillls, decision-making, and the language of thinking reflectively, critically and creatively. Our approach is enquiry-based learning through the explicit teaching of thinking skills to guide our students’ intellectual development around a central, overarching question in all four core subject areas – English, Science, Maths and Humanities.

Through the following overarching questions students investigate, explore and challenge the ideas and actions of writers, philosophers, social thinkers, mathematicians and scientists.

  • Year 7: How did thinkers of the ancient world make sense of the world?
  • Year 8: What does it mean to be human?
  • Year 9: What is the relationship between ethics, morality and citizenship?
  • Year 10: Students have early access to the VCE and take two Year 11 VCE subjects
  • Year 11: Students take two Year 12 VCE subjects
Application process and selection exam

Students sit for an Australian Council of Educational Research (ACER) examination held at Blackburn High School prior to entry. The exam is specifically designed to identify high achievers in the following areas – Reading and Comprehension, Writing, Mathematical Reasoning and Abstract Reasoning.

HAP Information Night

Parents interested in finding out more about the program are invited to attend our HAP Information Night. This is an opportunity to learn about the exciting curriculum, teaching methodology and meet the staff and students involved in this exceptional program.

There will be an High Achievers’ Information Night on :-
Wednesday 22nd April – 7pm
Further information

For enquiries about the curriculum and exam, please contact our High Achievers’ Program Coordinator, Judith Davis, by phone (03) 8804 6464 or email

For enquiries about the application process, please contact our High Achievers’ Program Administrative Assistant, Denise Strahan, by phone (03) 8804 6408 or email